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Sometimes a tree doesn't need removal but instead needs trimming. We are fully equipped to handle professional tree trimming for all trees and plants that need it.

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cutting down a tree trunk with cabling
cutting down a tree trunk with cabling
Do I Need Tree Trimming?

Professional Tree Trimming

In order to ensure the continued health of your trees, it is necessary to trim them. Trimming is primarily used to cut back overgrown trees and shrubs. Think of it as like removing the split ends of your hair.  Overgrowth can inhibit a tree or shrub’s ability to thrive in a particular location, by creating competition of sunlight, unsustainable nutritional needs, restricted ability to grow, and overall poor health.

Tree trimming is not as simple as as you might think. Different types of trees require different techniques and tools to properly trim them to avoid further damage. If done incorrectly, you may cause damage to the tree or shrub that cannot be fixed, resulting in the need for a full tree removal.

Many make the mistake of confusing trimming with tree pruning, however trimming is done primarily to remove overgrowth and promote a trees natural growth patterns.

You can trust that our professional arborists at Council Bluffs Tree Service know how to properly trim and prune your trees and shrubs to ensure they grow, thrive and look great year round!

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