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Roots can be a threat to your property or public sidewalk, if they grow out of control. In the case where you notice tree roots damaging your foundation or property, let us manage and cut them for you.

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tree root damaging a sidewalk
tree root damaging a sidewalk
Don't let tree roots grow out of control

Tree Root Cutting Services

Tree roots can cause damage to walkways, foundations, plumbing, utilities, septic tanks, and the surrounding area. Unfortunately, there is no way to determine or direct where a tree’s roots will grow. In some cases, it becomes necessary to remove the troublesome root. Tree roots grow toward sources of nutrients and water, making your pipes and septic tank drain fields popular destinations.  

Another reason you may need to cut a tree root is if it has become exposed through erosion or landscaping and cannot be buried properly again. Leaving a tree root exposed can leave it susceptible to damage and disease, causing harm to the tree itself, which might result in the need to full a full tree removal.

It is important to consult and hire a trained arborist and team of professionals to properly cut your tree roots. If done incorrectly or with improper equipment, it can be hazardous to the health and future growth of the tree. Our experts will ensure any tree root cutting is done professionally and with expert precision.

If a pesky tree root is causing you headaches, Council Bluffs Tree Service can help by cutting the offending root, while ensuring limited damage to the tree or shrub itself.

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