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When a tree needs to be removed, you can call our licensed, professional tree removal contractors to get the job done safely and efficiently.

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cutting a large tree trunk with a chainsaw
cutting a large tree trunk with a chainsaw
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Tree Removal Services

While we love trees, the occasion does arise where a tree must be removed. Diseased or dead trees pose a safety risk to you, your property and the surrounding trees. Our teams of trained arborists at Council Bluffs Tree Service are highly trained to evaluate if tree trimming is necessary to restore their health or if the entire tree needs to be removed.

In the event a tree needs to be removed, our team of experts will evaluate the situation, considering the type of tree, available access, surrounding area and nearby buildings. Then they will create a plan on how best to remove your tree effectively and safely. The professional tools we use will depend entirely upon the individual situation.

Tree removal is not something we would recommend doing yourself. Without the proper equipment and experience you risk not only your safety, but that of the surrounding trees and property as well. Whether you’re a homeowner, or own a multi-family/commercial building, Council Bluffs Tree Service is here to help. We’ll remove your trees expertly and for a budget friendly price.

After we remove the tree, we will cut the tree stump as close to the ground as possible. Council Bluffs Tree Service also provides tree stump grinding as well if you wish. However, if the remaining tree stump is located too close to other trees or its roots help prevent soil erosion, it is advisable to leave the stump be. Our professional and knowledgeable tree experts will assess the situation before grinding the stump to determine the best course of action.

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