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Looking to plant new trees around your property and landscape? We know how to properly plant new trees and analyze soil so that your trees will grow and stay healthy.

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More Than Just Digging a Hole in the Ground

Professional Tree Planting Services

Correctly planting trees and shrubs requires expert knowledge and proper preparation of the planting area. Not all trees are suitable for a specific geographical region or even a particular place on your property. Trees thrive best in ideal conditions and suitable soil. Different plants have different nutritional needs. Our highly trained team of professional arborists will conduct a thorough survey of your area and conduct a soil analysis to ensure your trees and shrubs thrive anywhere they are planted.

Selecting the perfect trees for your property is crucial. Sunlight, soil, water, and climate all need to be taken into consideration when deciding which trees and shrubs to plant. It is also important to ensure the trees and shrubs are spaced properly to avoid overcrowding or damage to the surrounding area or structures, resulting in future tree removal.

When first planted or transplanted, trees and shrubs need extra loving care. It is important that all trees and shrubs are given the ability to establish a root system. This requires proper fertilization. Our team of arborists can help you plan your landscaping, choose the correct trees and shrubs and ensure they are given everything they need to thrive and grow.

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Professional Soil Analysis

Soil contains many different nutrients necessary for tree and shrub growth. If the soil doesn’t contain the proper nutrients or is too acidic, any planted trees and shrubs will fail to thrive and grow and could be susceptible to disease.

It is impossible to look at soil and know if it contains the proper nutrients. This is where soil testing comes into play. A soil test analyzes pH levels, nutrients, organic matter, and the ability of the soil to retain nutrients. The purpose is to identify which nutrients are present and which nutrients need to be added to create the ideal growing conditions for your trees and shrubs.

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