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In addition to tree removal, our trained arborists know exactly how, when and where to prune your trees and shrubs to ensure they thrive. We offer routine tree maintenance for residential and commercial customers.

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shrub pruning and tree maintenenance
shrub pruning and tree maintenenance
A haircut for your trees and shrubs

Professional Shrub Pruning and Tree Pruning

Regular pruning of your trees and shrubs is an important step in ensuring their health and longevity. Different species of trees and shrubs require different pruning technics and tools. The time of year you prune your trees and shrubs is also very important, as done when the weather is too hot or too cold can actually result in damage and future disease that may require the tree or shrub to be removed.

Reasons To Prune Your Trees and Shrubs
Plants that have not been pruned can lose their natural shape and growth pattern, resulting in unattractive plants and leaving them exposed to damage and disease. Pruning will help prevent this from happening.

If left unattended, trees and shrubs may outgrow their space, resulting in the need to transplant, trim, or remove them.

Overgrown trees and shrubs can lead to restricted sunlight, particularly if your yard is on the shadier side. This can effect the ability of the surrounding landscaping and specimens to thrive. If the tree or shrub has already been allowed to grow too large for its surroundings or variety, tree trimming will be required first before regular pruning can happen.

If part of the shrub or tree is diseased, dying, or damaged in any way, pruning and trimming is essential to prevent further decay and harm. Failure to do so can result in the need for a full tree removal.

Some varieties of trees and plants are meant to be sculpted to enhance the overall appearance of landscaping. Regular pruning is often used to shape hedges and topiaries.

Fruit trees and flowering trees need to be pruned regularly to remove old growth and encourage new growth. It is important to prune trees at the correct time of year to avoid cutting off next year’s buds. Pruning can also help invigorate and spur on new growth.

Overgrown trees and shrubs can be a safety hazard because they are more susceptible to disease and damage. It is important to proactively keep your trees and shrubs from growing too big, which would require more intensive trimming or even result in the need for a full tree removal.

Evergreens, such as hedges, benefit from regular pruning to keep their foliage dense and attractive.

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